Force 2 in the offing?

Oct 8, 2011 Swati Rohatgi

Mumbai, October 8 (NR) There definitely are a couple of things surrounding a film that get finalised even before its release. Some of them being Music Success bash, Film success bash and a Sequel announcement. Vipul Shah's recent hit flick Force seems to be no different.

With just a week gone by after Force's release, the proud filmmaker of the south remake that won critical acclaim as well as audience's adulation already expressed his wish of coming up with a sequel. At the success bash of Force Vipul stated, 'The movie Force has been a big success across centres and I am very eager to start working on the sequel as soon as possible. However, Nishikant seems to want to start on it as late as possible as he wants a break… We might soon have a boxing match to determine what should prevail.'

However, while the producer is all gung-ho about Force 2, director Nishikant Kamath wants to take it slow and steady. In his defence Nishikant said, 'I want to take it slow so that I can focus on making a sequel that will rise above Force."

We wonder in all of this what does Action Abraham has to say. After all it's going to be him essaying the lead role in the sequel. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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