'Garam Masala' may release Nov 2

Oct 19, 2005 Manissha Despaande, , Oct 19

Mumbai, Oct 19 (IANS) The producers of "Garam Masala" have decided to release the film with an extraordinary 500 prints or more in keeping with the festive mood of Diwali and Eid.

"The two festivals fall in the same week and we are expecting a record number of audiences to visit the theatres at that time...The fact that it is comedy specialist Priyadarshan's film gives it an added edge.

"Currently, we are looking at a print number of around 500 all over India, which may go up as the release date draws near," Bollywood Trade quoted Ratan Jain of Venus as saying.

The Jains are also toying with the idea of releasing the film Nov 2, which happens to be a Wednesday, instead of Nov 3, to accommodate the increased demand for the film. "That way we can make the best of both the Diwali and the Ramzan audiences," Jain adds.

The fact that the second major release in Diwali, "Shaadi No. 1", also falls in the same genre and is directed by comedy specialist David Dhawan does not dissuade Jain.

"I don't understand why parallels are being drawn between the two films. I am aware that 'Shaadi No. 1' also has its own brand of comedy but the two films are poles apart, as far as I know. 'Garam Masala' has some very entertaining moments of humour distinctive of Priyadarshan's style. There will be a laugh riot with both the films but each will have its own following," he says.

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