Govinda plays womaniser in 'Life Partner'

Aug 11, 2009 Joginder Tuteja

Mumbai, Aug 11 (IANS) Tusshar Kapoor is happy with Govinda's presence as co-star in the forthcoming Abbas-Mustan movie "Life Partner" and says the comic actor adds as much value to the comic caper as Salman Khan did in "No Entry".

"'Life Partner' tells the story of two young men played by Fardeen Khan and me. And then there is Govinda who keeps coming in and going out of the scene, just as Salman did in 'No Entry'," Tusshar told IANS.

"In 'No Entry', the story revolved around Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan, but no one could deny the importance of Salman in the film. Same is the case in 'Life Partner' too where Govinda is an integral part of the plot," says Tusshar who is also working with Govinda in "Run Bhola Run", a comedy.

Directed by Rumi Jaffery and produced by Abbas-Mustan, "Life Partner" is releasing Friday.

Talking about the three male protagonists in "Life Partner", Tusshar said: "The best of the enterprise is the conflicting view that each of us has around marriage. Fardeen is quite flamboyant and believes in love marriage. He has a girl friend (Genelia D'Souza), is very westernised in appeal, just as he is in real life too and has a free side to him. We both play best friends in the film."

"While I play someone who believes in an arranged marriage and gets hooked up with Prachi Desai, Govinda doesn't believe in marriage at all. In fact he plays a womaniser. As a divorce lawyer, he keeps advising Fardeen and me against the so-called evils of marriage. He loves putting a spoke in the wheel even though at heart he is still full of 'masti'. Whenever he comes on screen, there is bound to be excitement amongst the audience," said Tusshar.

Tusshar, who featured in last year's big hit "Golmaal Returns", wasn't inclined to reach out to the makers and get his role increased in "Life Partner".

"Honestly speaking, I didn't have any such inclinations. The roles required to have the kind of length that they have due to the way they were written. Anyone's role being increased or chopped would have compromised the characters.

"The film shows conflicting point of views of three guys and to show the right contrast amongst them, you can't play around with their screen time. It is very important to see that each marriage in the film is important. One has to enjoy all the characters otherwise the whole fun of watching the film would be lost."

Even though the film is currently carrying good vibes and is releasing over the Independence Day weekend, Tusshar is cautious before jumping the gun and calling "Life Partner" a sure shot success way in advance.

"See, there is nothing like success formula. Till a few months back everyone said that since the comic genre is succeeding, let's make a comedy and we would have a hit in hands. Then we saw so many comedies also failing left, right and centre. You can't be sure about anything. One can mainly concentrate on making a good film, promote it well, get a branding in place and leave it for the audiences to decide. Saying anything else in advance would be making an announcement too soon." Click the Movie button below for more info:
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