Great to be back in films: Amrita Singh

Dec 18, 2005 Subhash K. Jha, Dec 18

Mumbai, Dec 18 (IANS) "It's great to be back on the large screen," says actress Amrita Singh, who has made her Bollywood comeback with "Kalyug" following her divorce with Saif Ali Khan.

"I was initially very uncomfortable with the idea of playing the businesswoman who runs a porno portal," says Amrita about her role in the just released "Kalyug".

"Obviously this woman Simi Roy (in the film) was far removed from me. But I guess the topicality tilted the scale in the role's favour. I guess the challenge for me at the moment is to play characters that allow me to be what I am not."

Amrita has never felt better. Her life is on an even keel. Her kids are happy, and so, says she, is she.

"Everything is working out just fine. My television serial 'Kavyanjali' started badly. I got scared. Was I going to be a flop right at the start of my fresh lease as an actress? Fortunately I had a gritty producer Ekta Kapoor who took it upon herself to turn the show around. And now 'Kavyanjali' is rocking in the TRPs," Amrita told IANS in an interview.

The comeback queen says she enjoys playing the shrew on "Kavyanjali". "She's such a comic bitch, I'm thoroughly enjoying playing her."

As for movie offers, they are there aplenty.

"But I chose 'Kalyug'. Mukesh Bhatt just called me one day and offered me the role. I was part of the Bhatts' Vishesh Films when their banner was launched with 'Kubzaa'. Now god knows how many films later, I'm back in their 'Kalyug'. When Mukesh offered me 'Kalyug' I very arrogantly asked him if it was worth my while. He said he wouldn't have offered me the role otherwise."

Amrita says she enjoys playing fiery and aggressive roles.

"Though I'm not really any of these things in real life. I never was. That was an image. I'm never bad tempered and rash. But I enjoy playing such women. It's great to be back on the large screen, more so since Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt are producing 'Kalyug'.

"I enjoy the challenge of playing unusual women now when I've nothing to prove and nothing to lose. Working in a film like 'Kalyug' gives me a chance to do something I believe in. And the whole team was so young, apart from Mukesh, Mahesh and me. It's so nice to work with young people. I'm learning so much from them."

Amrita is looking at several scripts. "I'll be doing another film early next year. Both my serial and 'Kalyug' are great highs. Besides that there's nothing, just work, work, work."

She refuses to react to the gossip about her. "I'm a product and if anyone gets mileage out of mentioning my name, so be it."

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