Harman's fitness mantra!

Jul 15, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, July 14 (IANS) Bollywood's tall and lean actor Harman Baweja follows a fitness routine but he doesn't believe in body building.

"Normally, I give myself 40-45 minutes a day in whatever form I can. I have pretty much given up on proper workout in a gym because now I believe in fitness and not in body building," Baweja said.

"Definitely, when I will do an action film or something, then I will require hard core training and I will go back to that. But right now it's more about being fit and lean so I play tennis often, that's good enough to burn calories," Baweja told IANS.

"I like sports, I have mainly been a sportsperson. And I have resorted back to being one rather than just running on the treadmill. I'm more of an outdoor person," he added.

Harman, who has been part of films like "Love Story 2050", "Victory" and "What's your Raashee?" is also a self-proclaimed foodie.

"I eat anything under the sun. I'm a foodie, so I don't work on my diet but I burn out according to what I have eaten," he specified.

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