Hindi films are not made for critics: Sajid Khan

Feb 10, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, Feb 9 (IANS) Filmmaker Sajid Khan, who is two films old in the industry, is gearing up for his latest film which is a sequel to "Housefull".

Sajid Khan's both films "Hey Baby" and "Housefull" garnered good business at the box office. But he feels that Hindi films are not for the critics.

Sajid Khan told reporters, "Critics never rate any blockbuster well. There are four films which have crossed 100 crores. I am not counting 'Agneepath' which has just released this year. All those films were run down by the critics."

He added, "But those are the only films which have done good business in the industry that is giving more opportunities for people to work. So who is more important, you tell me that? Hindi films are not made for critics, it is made for worldwide Hindi film watching audience. In the true sense 'Housefull 2' is a Hindi film."

Sajid said he was quite confident "Housefull 2" would do well and said audiences would want to see the film three to four times.

Sajid said, "The beauty of the film is that you will want to see it three to four times. I hope the film does great business at the box office and sets a record." Click the Movie button below for more info:
Housefull 2

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