Hrithik's singing debut highlight of 'Kites' album

Apr 1, 2010 Ruchika Kher

Rajesh Roshan has another hit album in the soundtrack of much-awaited film "Kites". The album boasts of five originals and four remixes and all the songs exude freshness and melody. Most of them have a romantic touch and it seems the composer composed them specially for people in love.

But it won't be wrong to say that the highlight of the soundtrack is the song sung by Hrithik Roshan.

The album opens with "Zindagi do pal ki", a melodious song, currently doing the rounds on television channels. The mushy song instantly connects, thanks to simple but meaningful poetry and effective vocals by KK.

This track also has a remix version, which doesn't sound like an unnecessary addition.

"Dil kyun yeh mera", crooned by KK again has a soft, soothing beginning that makes you sway. The romantic song gets a rock feel in the middle, which gives it an edge. A well-composed track.

This too has a remixed version, which unlike most remixes has some substance. It does not entail unnecessary sounds but has beats that gel well with the song. The rap that comes along makes the remix worth a hear.

Next is Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan singing "Tum bhi ho wahi". A slow start, but it picks up pace after a few seconds. The punch in it makes it all the more interesting. It experiments a lot with percussions.

The remixed version of the song, however, is average.

Then we have the most anticipated song of the album, "Kites in the sky". Hrithik makes his singing debut with the breezy love ballad in English. Hrithik proves his mettle as a singer with this soft, free flowing melody. The rise and fall of tempo is impressive. Suzanne D Mello gives ample support to Hrithik with the Spanish lyrics. Even though it has minimal orchestration, Hrithik does a commendable job and manages to pull off the song very well.

Finally there is "Fire" with Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh Bhola and Anushka Manchanda behind the mike. The song is marked by a long prelude, electronic sounds and strong orchestration. The vocals too come along way, but much later. It sounds like a track to be used as a background score.

It also has an English version, which is not too different from the Hindi version.

On the whole, for "Kites", Rajesh Roshan has experimented with some modern sounds and beats that make the album interesting. One can look forward to the album that has a potential to become a hit. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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