I always wanted to work in Bollywood: Devi Sri Prasad

Aug 1, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, July 31 (IANS) After the success of "Dhinka Chika" song from Salman Khan starrer "Ready", southern composer Devi Sri Prasad, who was always keen to work in Bollywood, is now keen to sign new projects and take forward his alliance with Hindi films.

"There are lots of offers started pouring in from Mumbai. I am definitely keen on taking them but I am not jumping into them right away as I am too busy with my Tamil and Telugu projects," Prasad told IANS.

"There is one Bollywood project, which I am very keen about. But I won't be able to speak about it right away. I haven't signed it as yet," added the 31-year- old composer.

"Ready" was remake of a Telugu film by the same name and "Dhinka Chika" was the Hindi version of Devi's composition "Ringa Ringa" in the Telugu version.

Prasad is overwhelmed by the success of the song and considers it his first stepping-stone into Bollywood.

"I never expected such good reviews followed by such a success of the song 'Dhinka Chika'. It'll really help me in starting a full-fledged career in Bollywood," he said.

Prasad had two hits in Tamil and one in Telugu and he takes pride at being the first composer who could give hits in three different languages simultaneously.

"This summer I had two releases -- 'Mr Perfect' and the other '100% Love' here -- and both were super-duper hits. The music of another Telugu film has also become a big hit along with 'Dhinka Chika' in Hindi. I think I am the only music composer who had hits in three languages at the same time," said the composer.

How does he manage to churn out so many songs in different languages and at the same time keep them unique?

"Music is more about emotions than language. So, in whichever language you compose, the original raw expression of the song is always the same. So I just try to work with the emotions. Once you get connected to the emotion, music automatically happens," said Prasad.

He got offers from Bollywood before "Dhinka Chika", but "I was waiting for a really big break with big hero and a big banner. I always had an ambition to work in Bollywood but I never took a practical step because of lack of time."

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