'I am proud to be a part of DON!' - Priyanka Chopra

Sep 22, 2006 NR

Priyanka Chopra is upset at a news report claiming that she had been confiding to close friends about her unhappiness on sharing the limelight with hotties Ishaa Koppikar and Kareena Kapoor in the forthcoming 'Don'. Both of them have been appreciated in the 'Main Hoon Don' and 'Yeh Mera Dil' tracks respectively.

It seems Priyanka was not pleased about sharing poster space with her female co-stars and with their high presence in the film's television publicity.

In her defence, Priyanka emphatically clarifies, "The rumour is absolutely baseless and silly. I've been out of town for nearly three months on work, shuttling between countries and living out of a suitcase. Do I look insecure? I'm so proud to be a part of 'Don'. It was a great opportunity to work with such a fantastic bunch of professionals - Shah Rukh, Ritesh and Farhan. I hope to work with them again. It's among the highlight films of my career."

When asked about sharing the limelight with Kareena and Ishaa, she shot back, "I've worked with Kareena before. She's wonderful and adds to the star value of the set-up. Even Ishaa is very good in the film. I really wish people would stop creating fire when there's none!"

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