I am smart: Bipasha Basu

Apr 2, 2010 IANS

Mumbai, April 2 (IANS) Bipasha Basu, whose much-awaited film "Pankh" directed by Sudipto Chattopadhyay released Friday, boasts that if she had not been smart and intelligent, she wouldn't be where she's now.

"If you all have been seeing me over the years, you know that I have a good level of smartness," Bipasha told reporters Thursday night at Mumbai's Le Sutra hotel where she unveiled the Globetrotter Glam special issue of Marie Claire magazine.

"It's a tough job being an actor and (that too) being an actor coming from outside without any support system, making your name in this business," she added.

"I think if I was not smart and intelligent I wouldn't have been here today on the cover of Marie Claire and here as Bipasha Basu. It's very important to be smart and have a personality," the actress added.

Bipasha even gave some tips for the scorching Indian summer.

She believes cotton clothes are the best for the season. "Being in a country like India, I think it's very important that we wear clothes friendly to the weather. Any kind of cotton clothing like linen pyjamas, linen dresses and shorts with sandals - I think that's what is needed for this weather," she said.

The actress recommended taking more water and juices to keep one's system hydrated during summer.

"In summer we need hydration because it is really hot in India. So I would suggest drinking lots of water, fluids, juices and curd with your food. You need to keep your system a little cooler and hydrated all the times," she said. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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