I can't relate to my role in 'Yun Hota...', says Konkona

Jul 11, 2006 Swati R. Chaudhary

Mumbai, July 11 (IANS) National Award winning actress Konkona SenSharma says she is not able to relate to her character in Naseeruddin Shah's directorial debut "Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota".

"I play Tillotima Punj who's married to Jimmy Shergill in the film. My story is basically a family drama. The character I play is very different from the real me. I somehow can't completely relate to it. We are two different people I'd say."

"It's basically a compilation of four stories, where everyone is coming from different backgrounds and wants to go to the US for different reasons."

After watching her hard-hitting performances in "Mr.& Mrs. Iyer", "Page 3" and "15 Park Avenue" one assumes that the actress must be doing intensive research for her role but she denies it, reported Bollywood Trade.

"I don't do intensive research to get into the skin of the characters I play. I do my little preparation and a certain amount of homework, which I feel, is important. It also depends on the director.

"I thoroughly go through my script, read it carefully, have discussions with my director to understand his vision and perspective."

She is quite impressed with Naseer who directed her in "Yun Hota..."

"I had a good time shooting for 'Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota'. I have high regard for Naseer and I respect and admire him as a person. I look up to him and I've learned a lot from Naseer.

"At this point I really don't have any expectations from the film. I just hope it does well and the audience enjoys it. Also, they should be able to identify with the film."

She is open to typical Bollywood masala flicks.

"I enjoy playing real, genuine and versatile characters on screen. I don't have anything against masala flick. I myself enjoy watching such films, but there are so many actors who are already doing it and they are doing it amazingly well.

"I don't mind being a part of it, but for me the subject is very important. I would love to try it out and I am open to it provided it is intelligently scripted. A lot also depends on the director. Having said that, it's not like the be-all and end-all for me."

She wouldn't mind venturing into direction.

"I have already directed a 50-minute short Bengali film called 'Naamkaran' screened at the Kala Ghoda film festival. I am quite keen on direction like my mother but I am not prepared for it right now. I still have to learn a lot as far as direction is concerned."

Konkona is making a guest appearance in Madhur Bhandarkar's next film "The Signal".

"I share a good rapport with Madhur. He hadn't really told me much about 'The Signal'. He said it's a guest appearance and somehow convinced me to do it. So, I kind of didn't have much idea about my character.

"I play Noorie, a prostitute in the film. I have worn weird clothes, had to use abusive lingo, the typical Mumbai 'rasta chaap' language, which made me very apprehensive initially but Madhur and the writer helped me."

She has also signed Rituparno Ghosh's "Sunglass" which gives an insight into human relationships.

"We haven't started shooting for 'Sunglass' as yet. It was actually narrated to my mother 15 years ago but it never materialised, so as a child I was very fascinated about it. It's basically a comedy film that gives you an insight into human relationships. I am really elated and looking forward to it.

Her other major projects are "Deadline" and "Metro".

"'Deadline' is a suspense thriller and a very fast paced film, something that I have never done before. Rajit Kapoor plays my husband and Irrfan Khan kidnaps my daughter in the film. Anurag Basu's 'Metro' is a story about three different people living in a city."

Konkona says she doesn't bother about her looks and is not at all brand conscious.

"I am not a fitness freak - it's just not innate in me. I don't care about issues like looks and weight. But of late, considering my profession and career, I do have to take care of these things so I work out more often.

"Secondly, I am not brand conscious. I am not into designer labels and stuff. If I like a particular product, I simply use it. Then I don't care if it's branded or not! Also, I am open to endorsing brands."

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