I don't think cinema in Rs.100-cr terms: RGV

Sep 20, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, Sep 20 (IANS) Director-producer Ram Gopal Varma, known for making small budget films, says had he made movies with the thought of minting Rs.100 crore at the box office, he wouldn't have been able to make films like "Kaun?" and "Satya".

"I think cost is more the producers' and distributors' concern. If I think of Rs.100 crore, I would have never made 'Kaun?' or 'Satya'. It's a completely different ball game, and it works very well for the people who are into it. I don't think cinema in that terms," Varma told INAS.

The filmmaker, who is gearing up for the release of his horror film "Bhoot Returns", says there's a huge demand for the genre.

"I don't think it's about me making (horror films). I also feel people want to see horror films. In DVD stores there are huge racks of horror films, (so) that means there are too many people who enjoy horror films."

"People predominantly want to see horror films because they want to be scared," he added.

"Bhoot Returns" will release with Rani Mukerji's "Aiyyaa" Oct 12, but Varma is not concerned.

"Releasing a film is not my concern, I am just a maker. The release date decision is taken by the distributors and other people related to the film," he added.

"Bhoot Returns" features Manisha Koirala, J.C. Chakravarthy and Alayana Sharma. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Bhoot Returns


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