I missed my parents after getting the award news: Rekha Bhardwaj

May 20, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, May 19 (IANS) "I was emotional because I missed my parents," said Rekha Bhardwaj after winning her first national award, adding it was their dream to see her as a great artist.

Rekha was Thursday named the best female playback singer for the song "Badi dheere jali" from the film "Ishqiya", while her filmmaker-composer husband Vishal Bhardwaj got the best music director award for the same movie when the 58th National Film Awards were announced in the capital.

"When I got the news, I was not able to breathe because I was so excited. Then I just couldn't stop laughing and then I was emotional because I missed my parents. It was their dream to see me as a great artist. They encouraged me so much, but today they are no more to see this and that made me very emotional," Rekha, who had tears in her eyes while talking, told IANS.

"But I called up Gulzar saab (who has written the song) to tell him and he was so happy. He showered me with his blessings. That made me feel nice," she added.

This is Rekha's second award after a Filmfare in 2010 for the song "Genda phool" from the film "Delhi-6".

"I'm really happy and especially for the song. Also because I never thought of awards since I got into singing profession. So when Filmfare came, I was not expecting it and I never thought I will get a national award because I know the kind of competition is there," said the trained classical singer.

Rekha follows the Indore gharana style of singing.

"This is my first big award and for a song that is based on a raag. It is classical and my roots are in classical, so it is all the more special," she said.

Rekha, who has crooned songs like "Namak ishq ka" ("Omkara"), "Genda phool" ("Delhi-6") and "Raat ke dhai baje" ("Kaminey"), is quite happy for her husband.

"It was double joy for us. He has also got it for 'Ishqiya'. I regard this soundtrack very highly. It's elating, it's a proud feeling, not a feeling of arrogance but a feeling of pride that you have done something really remarkable," she said.

Was she disappointed when "Badi dheere jali" didn't get recognition at any of the popular awards?

"I wasn't disappointed because I know how things work, but I did get good appreciation for it. Surprisingly, people really liked it and specially youngsters. I feel that people who appreciate these songs, they have extra depth. As an artist when you are able to touch somebody on that level, you feel blessed. What more can you ask for? National award on is an icing on the cake," she said.

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