I wanted to reinvent use of music in films: Ram Sampath

Jun 17, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, June 17 (IANS) Composer Ram Sampath, who created a stir with the song "D.K. Bose" in the forthcoming film "Delhi Belly", says he wanted to reinvent the way music is used in Hindi movies.

Adult comedy "Delhi Belly", an Aamir Khan production venture that stars Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor, offers other experimental tracks like "Jaa chudail", "Nakkaddwale disco, udhaarwaley khisko", "Saigal blues" and "Switty tera pyaar chahida".

"It was a conscious effort to have a soundtrack that is a little different as this is not a conventional Bollywood film. We were also trying to reinvent the way we use music in our films," Sampath told IANS.

"I was also looking for an opportunity to move away from Bollywood's typical synthesised sound and this movie gave me the perfect opportunity to do something new," he added.

The other songs are also gaining popularity, but the instant fame that "D.K. Bose" has garnered is phenomenal.

When the composer of films like "Khakee", "Family", "Aagey Se Right" and "Luv Ka The End" was asked if he expected the song to become such a huge hit, he said: "It's fair to say we were expecting a response, but not the kind of overwhelming response we've received. I'm totally blown away by just how much it connected with people."

Although all the songs have been composed by him, Sampath is particularly proud of his composition "Sehgal blues" that brings back the era and style of legendary singer K.L. Saigal.

The track that has Chetan Shashital behind the mike is sung in Saigal's style but with a contemporary touch. The composition is a mix of today and the eras gone by.

"I'm particularly proud of, 'Saigal Blues' because people think it's actually an old K.L. Saigal song, when actually it's my original composition," he said.

Aamir is so happy with Sampath's musical score for his film that he calls him a star.

"It's an honour to be acknowledged by an artist like Aamir. As a producer, he's a composer's dream as he trusts you completely. That makes you work fearlessly," he said.

Aamir guided me during the making of the songs, says Sampath.

"I had started working on the songs on my own initiative and when he heard them, he was excited. He could see what I was trying to do and guided us along the way. He gave us a lot of ideas and those sessions were a lot of fun! Director Abhinay Deo, writer Akshat Verma, producer Jim Furgele and Kiran Rao all gave their inputs as well. Everyone added value to the soundtrack," he said.

The youth-centric film is slated to hit screens July 1.

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