I'd love to cast John in all my films: Deepa Mehta

Sep 20, 2007 Subhash K. Jha


Mumbai, Sep 20 (IANS) The John Abraham-Deepa Mehta mutual fan club now threatens to spill over into several films. After Oscar nominated "Water", the NRI director had signed him to play a pivotal role in "Exclusion", which has now been put on hold, and a mainstream Hollywood film "Luna".

Though the film is being produced by Warner Brothers, it was of course, Mehta's idea to cast John.

"And why not? After working with John I realised what a wonderful human being he is. He just brings so much positive energy to the location. And he's so willing to learn and participate. John was my first and last choice for 'Luna'. If I have my way and if he fits in I'll cast him in all my films," Mehta told IANS.

Explaining the reasons to do "Luna" first, Mehta said: "'Exclusion' is a very ambitious project. And it's a script I'm writing on my own. With my father's death and my mother moving to Toronto with me, I'm in no mood to apply my thoughts to a script. 'Luna' is something that almost fell into my lap. Warner Brothers gave me a ready script by David Ward."

Mehta, who has earlier made "Fire" and "Earth", stressed that her mother was her priority right now.

"If at this point in my life, when I need to be by my mother's side I was asked to write a script I'd have said no. David's script for 'Luna' was given to me ready to be directed. It was too hard to resist," said Mehta who had some very unfortunate run-ins with Bollywood stars in the past.

She brushed them aside and said that John would be in "Exclusion" too. The project that has been put on hold for now also stars Amitabh Bachchan.

"Yes, that project will be on hold for the time being. Right now I'm revved-up about 'Luna'. It addresses itself to a favourite subject, the environment. From the start I've been a child of nature.

" 'Water' had a very strong ecological element. The love for nature is another factor that binds me with John. And of course the fact that my mother adores him just ends all discussion."

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