I'm a good guy, says 'anti-hero' Ashmit Patel

Jun 21, 2007 Prithwish Ganguly

New Delhi, June 21 (IANS) Ashmit Patel, who shot to fame in 2004 with his negative role in "Murder" and followed it up by playing dark characters in "Fight Club" and "Dil Diya Hai", says he is no "anti-hero" in real life.

"There is no anti-hero within me," 29-year-old Ashmit who was visiting New Delhi told IANS in an interview. "I'm a good guy. Sometimes I get shocked seeing myself doing all that on screen.

"People might like the negative roles I have done and I may seem very original in those characters but I don't resemble any of those in real life. Trust me."

Ashmit, the brother of actress Amisha Patel and who made his debut in "Inteha" (2003), currently has four films under his belt - "Kabhi Kahin", "Toss", "The Flag" and "Friends Forever".

"'Kabhi Kahin' has a very interesting plot. It's about two friends who set out for a road trip on a motorbike. It begins like 'The Motorcycle Diaries' but is not an adaptation of that. The film then shows the sudden turn of events in which the friends face unforeseen circumstances that affect their lives."

The suave actor also disclosed the theme of "The Flag", which narrates the story of an Indian village set against the backdrop of the freedom struggle in 1942. It will show villagers fighting against British oppression and winning freedom from colonial rule.

"Friends Forever", he said, would be a film on college romance.

The actor, who has also starred in "Banaras" and "Nazar", said he was happy at the way his career was shaping up.

"I'm very contented. As much as I appreciate success, I don't get nervous with failures. I'm living my dream and I'm being paid for doing what I love to do. It has been slow but steady. It feels great."

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