Imran-Minissha go underwater in 'Kidnap'

Sep 26, 2008 NR

That Minissha Lamba is a water baby is evident from the promos of Kidnap, which show her swimming and relaxing on the beachside. But who would have thought Imran Khan would parallel his co-star while they were shooting for the film in Mauritius?

It seems Imran and Minissha have shot a chilling underwater sequence in the film, which is among the highlights of the film and also the point when she gets kidnapped. Both the actors rehearsed for the scene for almost a fortnight before taking the 'dive!

Confirms director Sanjay Gadhvi, "We trained in Mumbai in a pool. It was an elaborate shoot with a dedicated underwater DOP and a standby team of divers for rescue. I've used the same underwater specialists as the ones used in Dhoom:2. While shooting the scene I was on the boat watching the shot on the monitor, which was attached to the underwater camera by cables. We had special communication equipment through which Imran and Minissha could hear me say 'action' and 'cut' while they were underwater."

Seems like this is among the many chills and thrills Kidnap has to offer. It releases worldwide on Wednesday 1st October by Indian Films - Studio 18.

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