In high spirits, 'RA.One' team on promotional spree

Oct 13, 2011 IANS

New Delhi, Oct 12 (IANS) From north to south and east to west, the team of mega-budget film "RA.One" is on an eight-city tour for film promotions, in good zeal and zest.

The sci-fi movie which will release Oct 26 is taking Shah Rukh Khan to the cities he has never been before.

"In Vadodara. Wot a lovely city. my first time here...under the pretext of promotions see places i have never been to..whirlwind India tour," Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter page.

And film director Anubhav Sinha is cheering up his cast and crew to stay calm.

"For my team: Who said it was going to be easy? But at the end it will all be worth it. Last ten meters decide the winner. Keep going," Anubhav posted on Twitter.

And Sinha also feels he will miss all this excitement once the film releases.

"I may sound disjointed but my thoughts coherent,I may feel tired but my spirits high. Soon it will all be over and I will miss it bad," he added.

"RA.One" team will meet and interact with fans and media during this promotional activity.

After Vadodrara, they will head to Bhopal Oct 13, Kolkata Oct 15, Bangalore Oct 16 and Delhi Oct 18. He will also go to Hyderabad and Jaipur.

The film also has Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles.

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