Indian comics now available on Sony PlayStation

Jun 1, 2010 Arun Kumar

Washington, June 1 (IANS) Several comics from Liquid Comics library based on Indian characters by Indian creators are now available in digital formats for purchase and download to audiences worldwide through the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

"Digital publishing is the future and Liquid Comics' mission is to be at the forefront of taking our comic books beyond print into numerous digital platforms," said Sharad Devarajan, CEO and co-founder of Liquid Comics, one of the world's largest Indian comic book libraries.

"We are honoured to be able to join the select group of publishers working with PlayStation to bring comic books to potentially millions of PSP users around the world," he said, announcing the start of the release programme.

"Their platform significantly enhances our distribution capabilities and provides one of the most visually stunning ways to read a digital comic book."

An entertainment company focused on creating original stories and modern myths for worldwide audiences, Liquid Comics, formerly known as Virgin Comics LLC, will be releasing new comic books through PlayStation every week, priced at $1.99 per issue.

Titles immediately available for purchase and download include:

Ramayan 3392 AD: A futuristic re-imagining of the great Indian epic. Enter a post-apocalyptic world where the last of humanity struggles to fight against the evil hordes of Nark, a dark-continent lead by the monstrous Ravan.

Devi: Created by acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. Tara Mehta, an unsuspecting young woman in the futuristic Asian city, Sitapur, becomes the centrepiece of a divine battle between the Gods of Light and the demon Lord Bala.

Snake Woman: Also created by Kapur. Jessica Peterson finds herself turning into a vicious snakewoman. Her mission - to avenge a centuries old wrong that was conceived half a world away, deep in the jungles of India when a Naga temple was desecrated by foreigners.

Beyond: Created by bestselling author Deepak Chopra. It's a supernatural thriller about a businessman, Michael Morton, who finds his wife vanishing without a trace from a teeming Indian shopping bazaar.

The Sadhu: James Jenson, a British soldier whose family is brutally murdered by a corrupt superior officer, learns supernatural arts from Indian mystics known as Sadhus. Now he must decide whether to use his newfound powers for inner peace, or for revenge.


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