Indian films yet to go global: Anurag Basu

Oct 30, 2009 IANS

Mumbai Oct 30 (IANS) Bollywood director Anurag Basu says Indian films are screened at various international festivals and do good business abroad but maintains they are yet to go global as they are not widely watched by the foreign audiences.

"We assume that our films are going global through this kind of festivals but other than NRIs no one watches them abroad. Films are released abroad, making good business but that doesn't mean that they are going global," said Basu who was at the 11th Mumbai Film Festival (MFF) to catch up on foreign movies.

The director, whose much talked about "Kites" is ready for release, is happy that MFF is bringing in world cinema to the city.

"It is a fantastic opportunity to get to see great films from across the world, but people should not have the impression that Indian films become global if it is screened at some foreign film festivals," added Basu.

He said Thai and Korean film industries have gone global as their films are widely viewed across the globe.

"Thai and Korean films were quick to make a global impact despite the fact that they are much younger to Indian film industry," said Basu.

When asked about his forthcoming film "Kites" starring Hrithik Roshan, he said: "The film is complete and I am waiting for the prints."

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