Indian players shouldn't be blamed: 'Chak de' skipper

Mar 11, 2008

New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) Bollywood actress Vidya Malvade aka Vidya Sharma of "Chak De! India" fame is upset that everyone is blaming hockey players for not qualifying for the Beijing Olympics.

"It is sad that people are blaming the Indian hockey team members. One must first ask the Indian Hockey Federation chief K.P.S. Gill what he has done for the sport," said the actress, who played the captain of the Indian women's hockey team in the hit film.

"It is the association that needs to be blamed. If they can't do anything about it, they must resign," she asserted.

"The boys and girls who play hockey, play it for the love of the game and the country. They are doing a great job!" Vidya told IANS.

The celebrity was in the capital Tuesday at Marico's Parachute Advanced workshop to share ways of protecting one's hair from harmful chemicals present in Holi colours.

Asked what Holi meant to her, she said: "For me Holi is all about the country that is so vibrant and colourful. For instance, when you see a local train passing by, you see so many colours in the ladies' compartment.

"The festival also means coming together of family members to me. Like every year, I am looking forward to meeting all my cousins and celebrate Holi with my relatives and friends."

She also stressed on playing safe Holi, and said oiling one's hair and body worked really well in keeping the skin and hair safe.

Reminiscing about her childhood days, Vidya said: "As a child, I used to wait for Holi, as it was my favourite festival. I remember visiting my grandmother's house and having a gala time with my cousins.

"We all were so naughty that in the evening when everyone used to get ready in new clothes, we threw water balloons on them from the sixth floor. Now I don't do it, in fact I detest it and if somebody does it to me I would kill him."

Vidya's forthcoming projects include "Kidnapped" and "Striker".

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