Instrumental tracks rule 'Eklavya'

Feb 21, 2007 Meghna Menon

"Eklavya - The Royal Guard" is essentially an instrumental soundtrack, expected for a movie of this genre. The album comprises eight numbers, of which five are instrumental.

Most special is singer Hamsika Iyer's "Chanda re", which captures the amazingly soulful and melodic voice of this new kid on the block.

Moitra, who's known for music of this genre, has done an excellent job. The song has a slow pace and is romantically poetic. The credit for the wonderful lyrics goes to Swanand Kirkire.

The next song by Sonu Nigam and Swanand is "Janu na", a classically oriented number with the two contrasting voices pleasing to the ear. Not really a hit song, but good for an occasional hear.

"Suno kahani" begins on a peppy note. Lines from "Janu na" are used. It's a short song and is only a pepped up version of "Janu na". Nothing much to write about.

Next in the album is "The Gayatri mantra theme". An instrumental piece, this track is okay but it works in a period movie like "Eklavya".

Another instrumental piece comes in the form of "The killing", the music of which lives up to its title. But again, it is a track only meant to be heard during the course of seeing the movie and not otherwise.

The melodic voice of Hamsika returns in "The love theme", again an instrumental piece with the vocalist humming throughout. Hamsika really deserves a special mention for standing out in this entire album.

"The theme of Eklavya" ends the soundtrack. This musical number is still better than the other songs but again can be heard only while watching the movie.

Though the effort involved in composing the album is more than evident, it doesn't look as though the music is going to rake in any moolah for the producers.

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