It is Himesh Reshammiya full blast in 'Red'

Jan 28, 2007 Prashant Kaushik


The music album of "Red - The Dark Side" turns out to be a one-man show because composer-singer Himesh Reshammiya has monopolised it. And Sameer has penned the lyrics to suit his style.

It comprises of 10 tracks out of which four are remixes and one "Dil ne ye na jaana" is a note-to-note repetition. Thus, technically speaking, there are only five original songs and Reshammiya sings all of them, except one.

In "Aafreen tera chehra", a panegyric love song about feminine beauty, Reshammiya does not let you down with his copyright high-pitched crooning.

Next one is "Aamin" and after listening to the song you seriously think that Reshammiya has to reinvent himself. He urgently needs an overhaul. However, the background score is impressive.

When the next song "Ek tum hi" starts the first thought that occurs in your mind, 'Is that Reshammiya again?' Such is the influence of the music director on the crooner Jayesh Gandhi. However, at several places Gandhi loses effect in order to raise his vocals. This is a relatively fast number.

"Dil ne ye na jaana" turns out to be a break from the monotony. It's a relief to hear a female voice. Harshdeep sings it with her melodiously deep feminine vocals. The track with excellent tabla play and guitar violin synchronisation animates the touching lyrics.

"Loneliness is killing" is a typical Reshammiya song and unbearable.

The album underscores that it is high time for Reshammiya to reinvent himself. In the last few months he has moved from vibrancy to stagnation. One thing, which highlights this monotony, is the repetition of a single phrase in almost all the songs.

Moreover, all songs, except one, have been rendered by male singers despite the presence of two leading ladies in the movie.

Not a single track can stay with listeners long enough.

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