It's Atif Aslam all the way in 'Prince' music

Feb 28, 2010 Ruchika Kher

Atif Aslam dominates the soundtrack of Vivek Oberoi-starrer "Prince". Composer Sachin Gupta sure seems impressed with the popular singer as almost all the songs have been crooned by Aslam.

The film offers seven originals and nine remixes.

The soundtrack opens with "O mere khuda" with Atif Aslam and Garima Jhingon behind the microphone. The energetic song starts with a bang and has a powerful impact. This refreshingly upbeat song with a strong orchestration is the best in the album.

The song has a dance mix attached to it, which is quite similar to the original.

Up next is Shreya Ghoshal and Atif Aslam's "Tere liye", a fast-paced romantic number. The song offers nothing new but is enjoyable in parts. However, it's an Atif song all along and Shreya's voice seems to have been wasted in the track.

"Tere liye" has three more versions - a dance mix, a hip-hop mix and an unplugged version. While the first two feature the same singer, the latter version has the voice of the composer Sachin Gupta.

Then there is "Kaun hoon main", which will leave you in a trance. Sung by Atif Aslam, the soulful track has haunting music and the rise and fall of the tempo is interesting.

This song too boasts of two remixes - one a dance mix and the other a lounge mix.

"Aa bhi ja sanam" by Atif starts well but fails to retain interest. Weak lyrics and unimpressive music makes the composition an ordinary affair. The song had potential but finally doesn't make an impact.

"Aa bhi ja sanam" has a dance remix that is better suited for DJ consoles.

Next in line is an all-girls song. "Jiyare jiyare" crooned by Alisha Chinoy and Hard Kaur is a dance number but is just an average piece. The song has influences of Punjabi.

"Jiyare jiyare" has a bhangra mix too.

Then we have "Ishq mein" sung by Monali Thakur. The song seems quite unoriginal and is unimpressive. The music is strong but again won't win over many listeners.

Finally, there is the instrumental theme song of the film.

On the whole, the album has an overdose of remixes but is good in parts.

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