It's fashion not music for Anu Malek's younger daughter

Apr 8, 2012 IANS

Unlike her father Anu Malek, who has created is known for his passion fof music, Ada has decided to go for fashion studies.

"My younger girl Ada is going to New York because she wants to learn fashion and I am happy with her decision as it's always good to chase your dreams rather then following the crowd," Malek told IANS.

While Ada is going for fashion studies, Malek's edler daughter Anmol is alreday followings her father's footsteps. She recently penned her first song "Graduation", which has already found an admirer in actor Aamir Khan who 'liked' it and posted it on his Facebook fan page.

And Malek, 51, feels that there is nothing better than girls nowdays.

"I am truly blessed to be father of two charming daughters. There is nothing better than girls today. I am glad I have two daughters and I wouldn't ask for a son," he added.

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