Jammu Kashmir wants 'Lamhaa' crew back

Nov 26, 2008 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Nov 26 (IANS) The abrupt departure of Bipasha Basu from Kashmir followed by the entire "Lamhaa" team's exit from the valley in a huff to Manali has hit the Jammu and Kashmir government hard and it is now trying to woo the film crew back to the state.

Says a source: "It's bad news for Kashmir tourism. They now want to do damage control and have asked producer Bunty Walia, director Rahul Dholakia, Sanjay Dutt and the 'Lamhaa' crew to return to the valley. In fact, they want that Walia should return and reshoot the action scenes that they're currently shooting with Dutt in Manali with the assurance that this time the security bandobast would be impeccable. They're going to put the SSP (senior superintendent of police), on the job when Walia returns with his crew in January 2008."

While Walia is happy with the assurance and more than willing to return to the valley with his crew he's more than happy with what's being shot in Manali at the moment.

In the past one week Dutt has been shooting action sequences for "Lamhaa" on the roads of Manali. The Jammu and Kashmir government has panicked after the "Lamhaa" unit's departure and has asked for the unit's security to be beefed up when it returns in January.

Says a source: "The Jammu and Kashmir government isn't too happy with the way the shooting had to be shifted from Kashmir to Manali. It sends out the wrong signals about security in the valley."

Walia told IANS: "There's very little I can do about it at this moment. We'll pass off Manali as Kashmir. That's why we're shooting only the action scenes in Manali, and that too only on the roads which would be easier to camouflage and blend with Kashmir."

The shooting in Manali is progressing rapidly thanks to Dutt's quick-take approach.

"We're able to wrap up much before lights fade because Sanjay is a one-take actor," Walia said.

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