'Jism 2' makes Rs.21 crore in opening weekend

Aug 6, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, Aug 6 (IANS) Pooja Bhatt's erotic thriller "Jism 2" is doing roaring business at the box office. It has managed to rake in an encouraging figure of Rs.21 crore in its opening weekend and "a fact that justifies that brand 'Jism' is here to stay," says the director.

"'Jism 2' has done a business of Rs.21 crore in India over the weekend (despite releasing during Ramzan). Brand 'JISM', my dears, is here to STAY," tweeted Pooja.

The film, said to be made on a budget of Rs.7 crore, features the sizzling trio of Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone, Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda.

Many expected it to be a sex-laden, skin-show affair. But according to film critics, it wasn't anything close to that, and almost everyone has been raving about Randeep's performance in the movie.

Released Aug 3, "Jism 2" is the sequel to 2003 film "Jism", which catapulted model-turned-actress Bipasha Basu's career to new heights.

"BRAND 'Jism' is not merely a film. It is a cultural war. It is an EVENT. One that divides crowds passionately and turns its actors into STARS," wrote Pooja. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Jism 2


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