'Jodi Breakers' not a copy of 'Heartbreakers': R. Madhavan

Jan 21, 2012 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Jan 21 (IANS) Actor R. Madhavan is not amused by the plagiarism charges levelled against his new Hindi film "Jodi Breakers" by the Indian distributors of the Belgian film "Heartbreakers".

"Let them read our script and point out even one similarity. I challenge them to prove we've copied even a frame," said Madhavan.

Directed by Ashwini Chaudhary, "Jodi Breakers" is a story of two individuals who break others' relationships but end up falling in love with each other.

It has been reported that the film is embroiled in a plagiarism controversy ever since "Heartbreakers" distributors opened up about their doubts on the originality of "Jodi Breakers".

But the makers of "Jodi Breakers" have offered to let the "Heartbreakers" team read the script from first page to last, provided they agree to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

However, the "Heartbreakers" team is unwilling to sign the documents.

Madhavan, who has rushed to Chennai for the release of his new Tamil film "Vettai" wants to know why the "Heartbreakers" team is unwilling to take up the offer.

"We've repeatedly asked them to sign an NDA and read our script. Why aren't they accepting our invitation? If they find even a page similar, we'll do whatever is required.

"The fact of the matter is, there are no similarities between our films, except the similar-sounding title. Maybe in their hearts, they know it too. Why is it that every time a film's promos start, we have such allegations popping up? Substantiate your charge, please. Or face the consequences," added the actor, who has been paired opposite Bipasha Basu in the romantic comedy.

Also featuring Omi Vaidya, Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma, the movie will release Feb 24. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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