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Dec 20, 2006 Subhash K. Jha

John Abraham launches clothing line with Wrangler - Full coverage

Mumbai, Dec 21 (IANS) Bollywood's latest heartthrob John Abraham brought in his birthday in Bhuj where he was shooting for Anurag Kashyap's "No Smoking" by calling up friends to invite them for his clothes launch.

"I spent the entire time shooting and calling up people in Mumbai to invite them for my clothes launch on Monday evening. But I managed to come back late in the night on my birthday for a private get-together with close friends. Nothing opulent," John told IANS.

His clothes line-up was released just a day after his birthday, which happened to be Dec 17. John is happy that he is being able to use his celebrity status in a different way.

"Few celebrities from the entertainment business get such an opportunity. It's a business venture between me and Vanity Fair, which manufactures denims for a leading international jeans label.

"For the first time in this country we're offering fashion that's on par with anything that's happening in any part of the world. I've two designers from India and Milan. And my designs come straight from out there."

And John is an integral part of the designing.

"I'm a part and parcel of every shirt, cargo pants, jeans and top that are designed for men and women. Every piece of clothing will be accompanied by a note inside the pocket describing the journey and philosophy of the design."

For John, this move into clothing feels like a step in the right direction.

"I've a certain philosophy in the way I wear my clothes. I've a chance now to pass on that philosophy. A lot of hard work is going into each design. These days I speak more about my clothes brand than about myself.

"We, recently, had a fashion preview for fashion editors and clothes dealers. We had manufactured about 12,000 units. And we were sold out in an hour-and-a- half."

John looks back on 2006 with much satisfaction.

"It has been a wonderful year. My calendar and my clothes are a first of their kind. The year passed so fast. I'm now looking at next year. And I can tell you what I won't do in 2007. I won't sign too many films. There's no point in stressing myself. I've to look good in front of the camera. I've a good mix of releases."

"I'll be shooting for 'No Smoking'. Right now that's my all-consuming passion."

For the New Year John will be in Mumbai.

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