Kareena, Shahid holidaying in Austria

Aug 26, 2006 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Aug 26 (IANS) Post "Omkara", Kareena Kapoor has taken off with Shahid Kapur for a three-week holiday to Switzerland and Austria and says the break has rejuvenated her.

"We were in the Alps and we went skiing. Now we are in Austria. Just visited Vienna. It was an absolutely enriching experience. We are now in Salzburg. Believe me, this holiday has revived me.

"We've just been lazing, sitting at cafes, visiting museums, reading up on European history. We went to a Mozart concert a few nights ago in Salzburg. It was unreal! I feel so alive," Kareena told IANS from Austria.

Kareena has decided to take one such vacation every year.

"It an absolutely delightful voyage of discovery. Shahid and I cooked our own food and walked 10 km every day. It was awesome. This break was really essential.

"Travelling can help us actors grow as human beings and artistes, and I don't mean travelling to locations for shooting."

Kareena has decided to visit a couple of countries every year.

"Shahid and I've already decided to visit Portugal and Iceland next year."

Boyfriend Shahid, too, is having a ball, says Kareena.

"He's loving it. He is doing all the sport, including mountain climbing, and we're gorging on all the handmade Swiss and Austrian chocolates. We don't care if we're overweight. We'll get back to Mumbai on the 28th, and then work out. Let us enjoy the last bit of our holiday."

Prod her about Pakistani actress Meera's claim that she got all the applause at a concert in London with Shahid-Kareena, she laughs: "Right now I'm in Mozart's city. At this moment nothing, absolutely nothing, can affect me. Now I've to go to another Mozart concert. It's accompanied by a sit-down dinner."

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