Kareena's role in 'Kurbaan' similar to Katrina's in 'New York'?

Nov 19, 2009 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Nov 19 (IANS) Rumours are rife that Kareena Kapoor's role in "Kurbaan" is similar to Katrina Kaif's in "New York" -- both the actresses are featured in near-identical roles of a wife who discovers her husband to be a closet-terrorist.

"Kurbaan" director Rensil D'Silva doesn't deny the similarities between the two films but doesn't comment on the similarity of the roles.

"If there are similarities between 'Kurbaan' and 'New York' then that's fine. I've high regards for Kabir Khan as a filmmaker. If 'Kurbaan' reminds audiences of Kabir's film then I'm fine with that. It has worthy recall-value," D'Silva told IANS.

Releasing Friday, "Kurbaan" also stars Saif Ali Khan as a terrorist and Kareena plays his wife. Vivek Oberoi plays a pivotal role in the movie.

The director cautions that every work on terror and terrorism has its own mood and purpose.

"There can be any number of films on two people falling in love. It's about how the individual director interprets the emotion of love. Likewise with the theme of terrorism. It's open to a multitude of interpretations. I'd like to believe my film is essentially different from Kabir's," he said. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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