Kher impresses as composer in 'Dasvidaniya'

Nov 13, 2008 Meghna Menon

The music of "Dasvidaniya", which means 'goodbye' in Russian, will be remembered for a long time thanks to musical wonder Kailash Kher who debuts as a composer with the movie.

Along with Paresh and Naresh, Kher has created three songs, including a remix and an instrumental piece. He sings, writes and composes for the film without messing up the album.

"Alvida", the prime track of the album and the best, is a must hear. It's quite close to impossible that one doesn't end up being a fan of this piece. The number, as a package, is remarkable. Kher renders the song with such ease and passion that one marvels at his talent.

In addition, he also impresses listeners with his lyrics that are not only poetic but very novel and apt. The composition is a fine mixture of soft and hard rock with the guitar playing a fabulous role.

"Mumma", which follows, is quite different. With a slight humorous bent, the song has been composed keeping mothers in mind. Kher has penned lyrics and rendered it as well.

Next is "Muskura" and is sung by Sonu Nigam, who is hardly heard these days. It is a lovely piece and will be remembered for a long time. Rarely are songs of such calibre and style heard these days. It is fresh and immensely endearing.

Three cheers for Kailash and his team of musicians for giving listeners a simple, no-nonsense and classy album.

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