'Kidnap' lacks Pritam's signature style

Sep 30, 2008 Meghna Menon

Composer Pritam Chakraborty's new offering "Kidnap" will disappoint his fans because only the first few songs of the album manage to impress. The rest are skippable.

Although it is Pritam's album, Sandeep and Sanjeev Vyas have created one track as guest composers.

The album starts with the fast track "Mit jaaye" by Sandeep and Sanjeev. The number, written by Sandeep himself, has a rock base to it. But it is not good enough to be downloaded.

"Hey ya" is the next track. Sung by Suzie Q, the composer tries to make a peppy and youthful numbers, but fails.

Shreya Ghoshal sings "Mausam". It is a sweet and pleasant number with a slight tinge of sensuousness. Shreya is at her best and the music director has kept the instruments light. Overall, it is a nice piece.

After listening to the previous tracks, one finds "Haan ji" out of place. Rendered by Adnan Sami, the song does not seem to fit in because of the way it has been presented or composed and also because it has very little connection with the movie's genre. Skipping this number wouldn't harm anyone.

"Meri ek ada" is also incorrectly placed in the album. Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Akriti Kakkar croon this piece, which is more like an item number.

The album may not be one of Pritam's successes, but it could definitely be given the credit of not belting out downright boring thriller pieces.

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