Konkona to play Soha's mom

Aug 24, 2006 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Aug 25 (IANS) After playing Saif Ali Khan's wife in "Omkara", Vishal Bharadwaj's adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello", Konkona SenSharma will be seen as Soha's mother in Aparna Sen's next film.

"I'm really looking forward to doing my mother's next film. It's a fun film. I've done a comedy before called 'Mixed Doubles' directed by Rajat Kapoor with Ranvir Shorey and Koel Puri. I loved it. I want to do more comedy. Since I'm paired in my mom's film with Govinda, I know I'll have great fun," Konkona told IANS.

"I've to age from 19 to 40 in this film. Why is my mom making me work so hard? I'm a very lazy actor," she joked.

She is also coming together with Irrfan Khan in "Deadline", which is directed by Tanvir Khan, who did a disastrous desi version of "A Beautiful Mind" called "Madhoshi".

"I haven't seen 'Madhoshi'," Konkona plays it safe. "But I really liked the script. It's a 24-hour thriller. Irrfan plays the man who kidnaps my child. Rajat Kapoor plays my husband."

Another thriller "Amavas" is ready.

"Now I'm shooting 'Meridian' with Irrfan. But it also has Arjun Rampal whom I've never worked with. It is being directed by a new director Vinny Mitra. I can't reveal anything more.

"Nowadays every director tells you not to reveal anything. But we've been doing a whole lot of rehearsals. I like doing films that stretch me as an actor."

Konkona is excited about her mother's film "15 Park Avenue" which has apparently won the National award for best English film.

"Shabana and I played sisters. She was meant to be 18 years older. And I come together with Rahul (Bose) again after 'Mr & Mrs Iyer'. It was a very dramatic film.

Konkona still dreads doing the big commercial film.

"Not that I have been offered any. But I wonder what it entails. I'm to a certain extent intimidated by the idea of commercial cinema. 'Page 3' was my first big commercial hit, though it wasn't really a commercial formula film. It wasn't really designed as a commercial film," said the staid young actress.

"I spend my free time reading, seeing movies, visiting friends, I travel a lot specially between Kolkata and Mumbai. Sometimes I forget which city I am in.

"There's no man in my life. If there was I would have spoken openly about it. Right now all I want is for my career to move to a different level."

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