Kunal Kapoor clears air on Sanjay Suri

Dec 4, 2007 IANS

Mumbai, Dec 5 (IANS) A seemingly off-hand quote attributed in a daily to budding actor Kunal Kapoor has the otherwise-affable Sanjay Suri fuming.

Sanjay is angry at "the juvenile behaviour of the new stars of today." The reported remark from Kunal that incensed him - "At this rate (playing so many cameos) I'll become the next Sanjay Suri of the industry."

The non-controversial Sanjay, never known to badmouth anyone, was taken aback by this reported attack.

Kunal, on his part, was horrified. Apparently the words had been put into his mouth. He called up the newspaper and asked for a retraction.

Says Kunal, "It's been sorted out. It was never a big issue anyway."

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