'Malamaal Weekly' is absolutely original: Priyadarshan

Mar 9, 2006 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, March 10 (IANS) He has put the failure of "Kyon Ki" and the success of "Garam Masala" behind him. Now prolific filmmaker Priyadarshan is determined not to do any more remakes.

"I have had my fill of remakes. Both 'Kyon Ki' and 'Garam Masala' were remakes of my own Malayalam films. My next release, 'Malamaal Weekly', is totally and absolutely original. I am willing to offer a prize money to anyone who catches me out remaking anything this time," says Priyadarshan.

"Malamaal Weekly" features Om Puri and Paresh Rawal in the main roles.

"They are indeed the heroes of my film who chance upon winning a huge lottery. Riteish Deshmukh follows behind with a slightly less important role. And one of my favourite actors, Rajpal Yadav, plays the villain. It is a crazy comedy. But not the least inspired by any source," says Priyan.

The film's producers, Sahara One Motion Pictures, have instituted a lottery for a select elite circle of stars and celebrities to coincide with the release of "Malamaal Weekly".

"Good!" chuckles Priyan. "Any kind of publicity is good. After a long time I think there is a film about winning a lottery."

Priyan hasn't heard of Devendra Goel's "Dus Lakh", a 1960s comedy about winning a lottery. But he ends with a masterstroke.

"I am in a totally original frame of mind this time. In fact, 'Malamaal Weekly' is already being remade into Malayalam by my assistant Murli."

This has to be the quickest remake ever!

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