Manoj Kumar files case against TV premiere of 'Om Shanti Om'

Aug 5, 2008 IANS

Mumbai, Aug 5 (IANS) Bollywood veteran Manoj Kumar Tuesday filed a case in a city court against the TV premiere of Farah Khan's "Om Shanti Om", an advocate said.

Kumar's advocate Ashok Saraogi said Tuesday that they have filed a case against the TV premiere of the film on a television channel Aug 10.

Saraogi said the hearing of the case will be held Wednesday afternoon at Dindoshi Court, Goregaon.

"We have filed the case as after several requests and legal notices, they have not complied to our demand," said Saraogi.

"Till now the film was screened only in theatres, but now they are planning to show it to a much larger audience as it is going to be telecast on Sony Channel Aug 10," he added.

Saraogi said: "We have filed the petition to express our concern for the scenes which they have not deleted inspite of our multiple requests and notices. Our demand is now, either they have to delete the scenes or stop the television premiere."

Manoj Kumar had taken objection to the scene in which his younger double was shown being beaten up by the police outside a movie theatre since they could not recognize him. He had also objected to another scene in which Shah Rukh delivered a mock 'Thank you' speech in a drunken state and concluded by saying he was Manoj Kumar.

Kumar confirmed that a case has been filed and said: "I have given the authority to my lawyer to look after my interest. I am sure he will take all the steps to ensure that my dignity is maintained."

"When the general public have respect for me, then how can a few of our own industry people make fun for me?" he asked.

"I want to ask Shah Rukh that why did he feel offended when someone questioned his dignity for working for an ad of a hair oil. When he is so cautious of his reputation, then why is he not giving respect to other's dignity?"

Kumar, who has just arrived here from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, said: "I have been awarded the Kishore Kumar award by the Madhya Pradesh government. They have also announced an award on my name 'Manoj Kumar Award' from this year to be given to the best patriotic film of the year."

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