'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan's music interplay of folk and fun

Aug 12, 2011 Ruchika Kher

Expectations were high from the soundtrack of Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" because it was a Yash Raj Films production and the film managed to fulfil those to an extent. The music album brings forward composer Sohail Sen in a very different space. While most songs are fun, a heavy influence of folk cannot be ruled out.

The album offers six originals and two remixes.

The music journey begins with the title track of the film that is already making waves among music listeners. The fun catchy and foot-tapping song has been aptly sung by KK. It is basically a track explaining the kind of girl the protagonist wants for his brother. It is a total wedding inclined track, complete with the sounds of dhol and a brass band.

Then comes in the track that has given Katrina a makeover of sorts and has presented her as a rockstar. The song called "Dhunki" is a rock infested composition with an Indian touch. Impressively crooned by Neha Bhasin, it is quite like fusion. Power packed vocals and interesting guitar riffs makes this song a potential chartbuster.

Next is "Choomantar" that starts with a kids's voice. It's a love song but not very mushy. It has Benny Dayal and Aditi Singh Sharma behind the mike and has influences of hip hop. Although the song seems to be interesting in the beginning, it fails in sustaining the interest of the listener and falls flat.

The track also has a remix version, processed by a band called Joshilay.

Up next, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan brings in a qawaali "Isq risk". This genre is the singer's forte, so he delivers his best. The moderately paced love song grows on the listener and is quite like a contemporary qawaali owing to new age lyrics.

This one too has a remix version processed by Joshilay but singers are different. This version has been crooned by Neha Bhasin, Sreeramachandra and Joshilay themselves.

Then comes in an out and out massy number called "Madhubala", sung by Ali Zafar and Shweta Pandit. The fast-paced, high energy track has the flavor of the language of Uttar Pradesh Dhol plays an integral part of the composition and it is very much on the lines of songs like the iconic "Khaika baan banaras wala" of Don.

Next comes in another folk inspired track "Do dhaari talwaar" with vocals by Shahid Mallya and Shweta Pandit. This one is massy too and talks about a girl, who is sharp and straight. It has a slow start but it later picks up pace. Due to the nature of its sound and lyrics, it might get more importance in small towns. On the whole, a decent hear.

Overall, the album is a healthy mix of fun and energy. It is a different attempt from the composer, whose effort is visible in the album.

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