'Metro' - must hear album

Apr 11, 2007 Meghna Menon

Anurag Basu couldn't have chosen a better composer than Pritam to create music for his film "Life in a Metro". The director-composer duo had earlier given us the brilliant album "Gangster - A Love Story", and "Metro" with its 'all male' board of singers is also a must hear experience.

As soon as the guitar starts strumming in "Alvida", you know you're going to hear a brilliant number. "Alvida" by KK is beautiful with great lyrics and Pritam's lively music. He starts off the track on a slow, romantic note and then emotes at full burst to express his feelings at being separated from his beloved.

Adnan Sami does what he does best in the romantic "Baatein kuch ankahee si". This track is simple in its arrangements and Sami's otherwise sensuous voice has been toned down - just another good romantic number, nice to listen to but with a short lifespan.

The best of the lot is "In Dino" sung by Soham Chakroborty. The song's already become a sensation thanks to Soham's heartfelt rendition and lyrics that could convey a lot even without the music. A six-and-a-half minute song could bore you to death but not "In Dino" that actually leaves you wanting more.

A completely different piece is "Kar Salaam". This track is high on rock and also interspersed with Indian musical arrangements that give it a youth-centric feel. The song is full of masti, energy and thumping beats. Lyricist Syed Quadri's words add to the mood.

Another romantic song is "O meri jaan", a rendition by K.K. that adds to the list of contemporary music that we get to hear in Bollywood nowadays. The track conveys love, happiness and hope.

James makes a comeback in "Rishtey" to carry on his rock-based crooning on the lines of "Bheegi bheegi". Doubts about the track's popularity remain but James and lyricist Quadri deserve special mention.

Hits and good numbers define the tracks of "Metro", which should take the movie to a different level of popularity. Pritam has given the soundtrack his best, which will definitely be a hit even if the movie fails. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Life in a Metro


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