Multiplexes make hay with 'Rang De Basanti'

Jan 25, 2006 Manissha Despaande

It looks like Aamir Khan's "Rang De Basanti" is the pick of the season for multiplexes, with the film's distributors and exhibitors unanimously deciding to hike admission rates at all multiplexes, reports Bollywood Trade.

Says Cineline theatres' Sanjay Dalia: "We have hiked the admission rates at the entire Cineline chain by 10 percent for the regular shows and 15 percent for the weekend and prime time shows in the first week.

"It is no doubt a bankable film considering it has Aamir Khan. Besides, a Republic Day release will give it an extended weekend. Moreover, there is no major opposition, which means it will get the undivided attention of the audiences."

Arun Sharma, distributor in charge of INOX, completely endorses Dalia's point of view and says: "Let's not forget that the film is a premium product and a premium product always comes at a price."

But the single screen exhibitors have chosen to play the film at the existing admission rates. "Times have changed and the business of films today does not go beyond one or two weeks. That is the reason multiplexes try to make the best out of the first week's run," says distributor and exhibitor Ramesh Sippy.

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