Nana Patekar joins fitness freak bandwagon

Mar 7, 2009 IANS

Sixty-year-old Nana Patekar, known for his intense acting in Bollywood movies, is in the middle of rigorous gym sessions to build a tough physique for his forthcoming film "Ek-The Power of One".

Nana plays the role of a CBI Inspector in the action film, which also stars Bobby Deol.

A source said: "Nana has worked very hard and built a commendable physique for the film. On one of the shooting days, when the entire unit had to climb up to the 15th floor of an under-construction building which did not have a lift, Nana sprinted with such ease. The entire unit was feeling ashamed for having complained about having to walk."

Jaswant Khera, the executive producer of the film, said he got the chance to witness the lighter side of the actor while shooting for the movie.

"I had always heard of Nana to be a tough taskmaster but the person I met was absolutely contrary to his image. He has a terrific sense of humour and kept the entire unit in splits throughout," said Khera.

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