Nana Patekar's generosity reciprocated

Oct 10, 2007 Subhash K. Jha

Nana Patekar recently surprised the producer of short film "Gubbare" by donating his remuneration to charity organisations.

When producer Sanjay Gupta approached him for a role in the movie, Nana apparently asked for an astronomical remuneration.

"Much higher than anything that we at White Feather pay our stars. Nana was adamant to get that amount. Finally he settled for a little less but a lot more than we had decided on... close to Rs.2 million," said a source from the production house.

After charging what Nana thought to be a fair price, he told the production company to donate the entire amount to three of his favourite charities.

"We were left so stunned," said the source. "So overwhelmed were we by Nana's gesture that we presented Nana with a Rolex gold watch as a token of our appreciation. Nana being an emotional man broke down when he saw the gift, 'I've never worn such an expensive gift,' he sobbed in front of us."

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