Nana teams up with Jha for second directorial effort

Oct 14, 2007 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Oct 14 (IANS) Nana Patekar, who once discussed ideas with Ram Gopal Varma to make films for the director's banner, has now teamed up with a new producer-friend in Prakash Jha who will finance his second directorial venture.

Nana told IANS: "It's an out-and-out love story. No car chases, no murder sequences, no fight scenes. It's just a simple love story. It's about a girl who encounters a loner. They meet for a while and then she goes away. They share a very special emotional bond. I'd say it's in the same genre as 'Roman Holiday' and 'Brief Encounter'."

Nana plays a retired 45-year-old hero in the movie. "I play a guy who fears attachments. He believes that whoever he gets attached to dies. So he shuns relationships," the actor said.

Nana has zeroed in on his leading lady. "I want only Rani Mukherjee for my lead. I'm sure the minute she hears the subject she'll agree. She can't say no. She won't ever get a role like this in her life," he said.

During the making of "Bhoot", Nana and Varma spent all their after-hours discussing ideas for films that Nana could direct for Varma's banner but after the shooting completed, they drifted apart.

And that seemed to end Nana's plans to direct another film after the Madhuri Dixt starrer "Prahaar" in 1991.

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