Nandana, Mantena part ways, say they'll team up for film

May 15, 2012 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, May 15 (IANS) Actress Nandana Sen and producer Madhu Mantena have ended their nine-year-long relationship. The former is shifting to New York and the couple felt that a long-distance relationship is impractical, but they admit that they will work together on a movie.

This, coming in the wake of Mantena's marriage proposal in Paris last year, is a rude shock.

"Madhu and I had been planning to move to New York together, but given the pace and zest with which his work in Bombay is growing it doesn't make sense for him to move away. We love each other deeply, we always have, and we always will. But neither of us believes in the long-term feasibility of an inter-continental relationship," said Nandana who has bought a house in New York.

Nandana says it was the hardest and most painful decision "that either of us has ever taken, but there has never been even a shred of negativity between us about it".

"We understand and support each other absolutely, and each of us insists on protecting the other's interests, like we always do... So, even in making this joint but heartbreaking decision, as in everything we have gone through together, we have been taking care of each other every step of the way. And I know we always will."

Their relationship has ended, but the two are collaborating on a film.

"We've always been a great team, and deciding to make this particular film together was a professional, not a personal decision. We are just as excited and committed to it now as we were when we started developing the project. And we are glad it gives us the opportunity to spend extra time with each other, be in close touch even when apart, and create something together that we are both so passionate about."

Though New York will be her new home base Nandana will keep shuttling between India and New York.

Said Mantena: "Nandana is and will always remain my dearest friend. Yes, we're no longer a couple. But she knows that I'm always a phone-call away. If she needs me in New York I'll fly down immediately."

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