Negative stories about Salman are all cooked up: Asin

Oct 10, 2009 Joginder Tuteja


Mumbai, Oct 10 (IANS) Asin Thottumkal was told horror stories about Salman Khan when she signed "London Dreams" opposite him. But all the misgivings were sorted out once she started shooting with him, Asin says and stresses that all negative stories about the superstar are "cooked up".

"Really, it was all so strange because even before reporting for the film's shoot, there was this particular notion being built in my mind around Salman.

"See, we all know about Aamir Khan being so disciplined. So once I signed 'London Dreams' with Salman, various kinds of stories started coming my way. People commented that 'Aah, you have worked with Aamir; now see what it is to be with Salman'," Asin told IANS.

But the actress didn't face any problems throughout the making of "London Dreams".

"It is nothing less than a case study of its own. I can slice and dice a dozen-odd instances when it was proved time and again that Salman was nothing like he was being made out to be.

"I have absolutely no clue how negative stories about him keep emerging out of nowhere. As I look at them today, I believe these are all someone's cooked up imaginations," said Asin.

Other than the fact that Salman contributed to the scheduled completion of the film, he too didn't allow his personal problems to come in the way of "London Dreams".

"Let me begin with the misconception of Salman being not punctual. Our first schedule took place abroad and it was wrapped up many days in advance. This means that it was a disciplined shoot and everyone including Salman was punctual. There was absolutely no tardiness on his part and he was always on time," she said.

She also narrated the incident when Salman's dog died.

"Everyone knows that Salman is so close to his dog. Even when his dog died, he didn't call to cancel the shoot for that day. Instead, he turned up for the shoot in Karjat. It would have been even more difficult since he had to shoot for a happy and rejoicing song," Asin said.

Even in front of the camera, she didn't face any issues working with Salman. Just like Aamir, Salman too just went ahead with his part and didn't interfere in the way Asin wanted to approach her scenes.

"Whether it was Aamir in 'Ghajini' or Salman in 'London Dreams', I didn't have to make any changes to adapt to their working style. They made me feel really comfortable. I was free to do things the way I wanted to because Aamir is very chilled out and he goes about his own job without interfering.

"Same is true with Salman. He doesn't come to you and tell you how you should be approaching your character. That is why it was so cool working in 'London Dreams'. I am still surprised at why people have negative things to say about Salman," Asin said.

Releasing Oct 30, "London Dreams" is about a band comprising Salman, Ajay Devgan, Asin, Rannvijay Singh and Adithya Roy Kapoor. Asin plays the role of a dancer in the film. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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