Nothing special in 'Morning Walk' music

Jun 13, 2009 Ruchika Kher

The music of "Morning Walk", a film that brings together veteran actors Anupam Kher and Sharmila Tagore after 25 years, is not impressive. The soundtrack is by debutant composer Jeet Ganguly, who was earlier associated with music director Pritam Chakraborty.

The soundtrack has no remixes, which is a welcome break.

"Aasma choona hai", sung by Shaan, has a long prelude before we get to hear the lyrics. The soft number with a youthful flavour is easy on the ears, but the English lyrics in between take away the interest of the listener.

Next comes "Bhor bhayo", a semi-classical number which is the highlight of the soundtrack. A fusion of Indian and western influences, the song has been crooned by Ustad Rashid Khan with ample support from Shreya Ghosal and Joi Barua. It's an engrossing number, but the English lyrics at the end of the song are disappointing and a misfit.

"Dolna", a slow-paced, poignant song sung well by Shreya Ghosal, is interesting in parts.

Up next is "Manwa", which can be easily labelled the worst song in the album. Jeet's fixation with English has not worked well for the soundtrack at all. "Manwa", which too is a fusion, falls flat and does not generate any interest.

"Meethi meethi baatein" where Shaan comes together with Shreya Ghoshal is a romantic and mushy song. It has a youthful appeal and is soothing to the ears.

Last comes "Nachle", an out and out dance number sung by Shaan, Joi Barua and Nargis. The song has the right beats but lacks punch and fails to strike a chord with the listener.

The soundtrack is good in parts. On the whole, "Morning Walk" is not exactly the musical treat that music buffs would be looking for.

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