Ompuri plays the role of Intelligence Officer in Mukhbir

Feb 7, 2006 Shailesh Kumar, Feb 6

Om Puri has always been known for his distinguish Characters in the movies. The hero from the art films has 150 movies in his credit. You have admired Om Puri as a Strict Police Inspector in "Ardhsatya" or as a banwari in “Chachi 420”. Adding more to his credit is the dance performance in last year released movie “King of Bollywood” which has proved to the audience that he is a pure entertainment package. Om Puri is back in news with his up coming film “Mukhbir” which has been directed by Mani Shanker. Here are some points from the conversation with Om Puri -

Tell us about your new film “Mukhbir”?

- This film is being produced by Sudesh Rambhotala, chairman of “Colour Chips”. The company is known for making animated films and this is for the first time it has come up with movie like “Mukhbir”. The Movie is directed by Mani Shanker and apart from me you can also watch Suniel Shetty, Samir Dattani and Rahul Dev.

What is your role in the Movie?

- I play the role of Investigating Officer and open the entire secret in the end. Though it was a tough job playing this role but still I had a great fun and good experience.

Now days every actor in Bollywood is seeking role in Hollywood Industry. How do you feel after receiving award from British Government for acting Abroad?

- Certainly you feel good when your work is being appreciated. And Part from feeling Good you everybody feel satisfied when he is being appreciated and known for his work across the country.

How was your experience working with Amitabh Bacchan in “Dev”?

- It was a wonderful experience working with India’s Number 1 Actor. It was a life time and memorable experience for me.

You started your career with Arts films but today you are doing commercial cinema only, why?

- Today there is no difference between Art Films and Commercial Cinema, because no one is making pure art films today. Nowadays filmmakers are only concentrating on commercial cinema. Directors like Govind Nihalani, Prakash Jha, Rajkumar Santoshi and Maniratnam are the only few ones who are making both kinds of film. Working in Art films is a pleasure. Plus they are shown in different film festivals and even get awards. However, it's difficult to rely completely on them as there's not enough money in it. And still if the producer or director asks me to work in an art film with a challenging script & role, I always put in my genuine efforts and try to give my best to the film.

Which is your other up coming Films?

- Apart From “Mukhbir”, “Khatta Meeta”, “Maalamaal Vakil are my recently coming up movies.

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