'Pankh' deals with serious problem in film industry: Bipasha

Apr 1, 2010 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, April 1 (IANS) Bipasha Basu, who will be seen sporting nine different looks in her forthcoming film "Pankh", says the movie highlights a serious problem in the movie industry.

"'Pankh' is very special, and not just because it's my first so-called art film. But the minute I heard the subject, I was bowled over. It deals with a very serious problem within the film industry," Bipasha told IANS.

"Let's not trivialise it by people speculating whether the character I play is based on me. That's exactly what would have happened if my name was Bipasha in 'Pankh'."

"Pankh" is a wild ride through the underbelly of the film industry. Directed by Sudipto Chattopadhyay, it stars debutant Maradona Rebello along with Mahesh Manjrekar, Lillette Dubey, Ronit Roy, Sanjeeda Sheikh and newcomer Amit Purohit.

Talking about her role, Bipasha said: "It's not nine roles as has been wrongly reported. It's just nine looks. I play a character who doesn't really exist. I'm the young hero Maradona Rebello's fantasy figure.

"Every look is a reflection on his mood. When he's mellow I come out looking like an angel. He sees me the way he wants to see me. I loved the script and the director Sudipto Chattopadhyay's passion."

The director wanted to name the character Bipasha Basu.

"Yes, he was very keen that I be called Bipasha in 'Pankh'. But I'm not at all comfortable with my name being used for any character. I'd rather stick to the character's name Nandini," said Bipasha.

Right now the actress is busy shooting for Priyadarshan's "Aakrosh". Set in Bihar, it is a hard-hitting film about love across caste barriers and honour killing and also stars Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna.

Bipasha plays a refined school teacher, so she doesn't have to speak a dialectic Bihari.

"It's very small township. I'm dressed in simple saris for the role. It's a no-makeup look. But no makeup also means some makeup that the character uses when she goes out, etc. We're at this heritage bungalow called Bangla. Very nice but very basic. It's a very hot place with big mosquitoes," she said.

Bipasha is completely new to Priyadarshan's cinema. "So is Ajay. But Akshaye is not. He has worked repeatedly with Priyan. He's his favourite," she said. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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