Parisian feel to Preity's 'Ishkq In Paris'

Jul 6, 2012 IANS

New Delhi, July 5 (IANS) The first look of Preity Zinta's debut production "Ishkq In Paris" is out -- and it has a postcard feel to it with picture perfect images set in Paris.

It features three settings -- an image of a man and a woman gaping at the Eiffel Tower in the evening; clinking glasses at a bar lounge in the early hours of morning, and then walking out of a library cafe early morning.

The settings look classic, with the protagonists dressed in a chic, formal way. The faces of the man and woman in the poster cannot be seen, but their outfits seem to be in tune with perfection.

"Ishkq In Paris", directed by Prem Soni, also features Arjun Rampal, French actress Isabelle Adjani and the new actor in the movie is reportedly TV actor Gaurav Chanana, who has been rechristened Rhehaan. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Ishkq In Paris

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