Poor response to 'Ahista...' didn't surprise me: Abhay

Sep 13, 2006 Arpana

New Delhi, Sep 14 (IANS) Actor Abhay Deol, whose performance was appreciated by critics in "Ahista Ahista", says he was not surprised that the film bombed.

"It has not done as well as I wanted. I wasn't surprised. The reason being the pre-release thing didn't go well. It was done in a rush. If pre-release marketing is not executed properly, it affects a film's fate," Abhay told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

However, it hasn't dampened his spirit because critics appreciated his work.

"I got more appreciation for 'Ahista Ahista' than 'Socha Naa Tha'. People liked my work and they felt that I have done a wonderful job. Critics felt that I have the potential and that is definitely encouraging."

"There are people in the industry who closely watch your performance and they give you work on that basis," said Abhay.

He is trying to manoeuvre his career in the right direction and he feels it is important to be associated with a big banner.

"I need to be associated with established banners. As soon as you get a big banner - half the battle is won. The film is marketed properly. The entire country sees it and that makes you public-friendly, which is very important to be successful. I have got offers but I can't talk about them right now."

In spite of two consecutive flops Abhay is not ready to compromise with creativity.

"I am an idealist. I chose roles that offer scope for performance and allow me to explore and be creative. I like to experiment. I like to be spontaneous. I don't like to be told do a scene this way or that way. I like to play around with scenes and characters. I like freedom especially in the beginning when there is no conformation on the character."

He says as long as he can strike a balance between commercialisation and creativity he will continue working.

"It is true that I want my creative freedom. But at the same time I also want my producers to profit. But there is always the big question how the next film will do. It is not a secure field."

However, he has learned to accept failures.

"When 'Socha Na Thaa' was declared a flop there was a mix of insecurity, anger. Sometimes I felt may be I am not cut out for this industry.

"But I am better off today and I am more secure because I have come to realise I don't have control over anything. And I must learn to accept. I can only put my effort wholeheartedly - after that everything is destiny or you can call it luck.

"As long as I keep getting work I am fine. I don't want to get into any specifics I should achieve. I was fortunate enough to get work and I hope my films get accepted."

Abhay, who comes from one of the most illustrious families in filmdom, does not like being compared with his uncle Dharmendra and cousins - Sunny and Bobby Deol.

"I would love to do films with papa and 'bhaiya'. But I don't like comparisons. We are individuals and I would like to be treated as an individual."

He says life is not easy for star kids.

"It is not easy at all. It is all the more difficult. You are being compared all the time and people's expectations are very high.

"But I can say that you get a platform - like my family produced my first film - so it was easy to start but afterwards it depends on your talent and ability to act."

After doing romance and drama, Abhay now wants to do thrillers.

"At the moment I would like to do thrillers because I have done romance, comedy and drama. I would like to do action films as well. That's how I feel right now because I haven't been there yet."

He is looking forward to "1.40 Ki Last Local" with Neha Dhupia, Reema Kagti's "Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd" and Venod Mitra's bilingual "Meridian" which is written by Anurag Kashyap.

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